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Monday, May 28, 2012

Pug is That Guy (AKA: The Story of Pug)

You know the one. He makes himself entirely too comfortable in other people's homes.

I've been pet sitting at a family friend's house for the past week, and since we're codependent Pug needs me, I took him along. I was hoping he'd be comfortable there since it was a long drive back home. Clearly, I need not worry myself about that.

It's cool guys, I can sleep somewhere else.
Within approximately 45 seconds, Pug had acclimated himself to the new digs and was making himself right at home.

This bed, it pleases me.
Pug is (half) blind and Ike is deaf. They're a perfect match.
I guess it shouldn't come as any huge shock. You see, Pug came to us about 3 1/2 years ago on Thanksgiving. My mom found him wandering outside and brought him in to save him from getting hit by a car. We thought he must have just been lost, so we stuck a sign in the yard and went about our day with our new guest.

My first pic of Pug - we stuck him in the Great Dane cage, and he screamed.
It became clear pretty quickly that for a lost dog, this pug was remarkably unfazed. Once free from the kennel and allowed on the couch, he pretty much thought he owned the place already.
This couch will do.
The next day we took him to the vet for a micro-chip scan and called all the local rescues and animal control, to no avail. We posted online ads, left our sign up, but no one ever came looking for the dog we called Pug.

After a month, when my mom came home and said "look at the sweater I got for the pug", I knew he wasn't going anywhere. And I'm sure glad he didn't.

Our 2nd Pugversary

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blind is the New Black

That's what I'm telling Pug anyway.

Pug is officially blind in his left eye. About a month ago he got into a scuffle with my mom's pit mix. I use the term scuffle loosely since clearly flat-face up there had no chance in that fight. I didn't post about it then since it was kind of traumatic for all of us. They've been around each other for years and it's just one of those freak things that happens sometimes with dogs.

Pug got stitched up and we were monitoring his left eye, which had a detached retina. Buggy pug eyes don't do well when pressure is applied to their neck (so FYI, if you have a pug a harness is best!). The vet thought there was a good chance it would re-attach and he'd be back to normal.

Here he is convalescing with a new bed and blanket from the boyfriend.

Things were progressing nicely until this weekend when his apparent lack of vision caused him to take a flying leap off the top of the stairs. I guess dogs don't have the foresight to think "I've only taken one step, I can't be at the bottom already".

After his tumble, his mostly healed eye now looked like this. Warning: kinda gross.

A trip to the vet on Saturday revealed that his retina was again detached and he didn't think there was any chance of it healing this time.

The good news is, it has only been a few days and he's already adjusting wonderfully. There was a lot of bumping into furniture for the first couple of days, but he seems to be basically back to normal now.

Luckily, the rabbits around here are pretty slow, so even a pug at a disadvantage has a shot.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fighting Back Against Pinterest Spam

If you're a user of Pinterest and you're anything like me, you're supremely frustrated at the inundation of spam taking over the site. What used to be contained mostly to the Beauty and Fashion areas, has spread to every board I once loved.

Pinterest is supposedly making changes to thwart spammers, but in my experience it's only getting worse. Unfortunately, spammers will always find a way. In my opinion, we the users need to step up our game.

The biggest issue I see is that unsuspecting users repin images that link to spam and phishing websites because they haven't checked the source website.

Here's a typical snapshot of the Food and Drinks category on Pinterest. A good portion of the pins, as you can see, are spam. If you're one that repins recipes based on the picture and description alone, you are most likely spreading spam and malicious links.

A hallmark of spam links parading as recipes, are the wordy descriptions. That's my first clue that this might be spam.

The second clue is the bizarre website name.

 Third clue is the board name. "Yummy Recipes" are almost always boards full of spam links.

Click on the link and you'll find yourself here. Ah yes, Seems legit! I don't have screen caps for "clicking here" to claim my prize, since obviously I didn't.

Now, back in the original picture you'll notice that professional looking Neapolitan cake. That image did not initially raise a flag, but when I clicked on it, sure enough:

The sad part is the cake tutorial is real! Just a few rows down, a legit pin contained a real link. 

This blogger is losing out on pins/views because the spammers stole the image. 

So, to sum things up:
1. Check the source website before you repin! 
2. When you find a spam link, use the report button! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pug Life: Separation Rage

Have you seen this meme? Because I live it.

Although, as the title suggests, what Pug suffers from is not so much anxiety as it is pure, unadulterated rage. The idea that I'd leave his side for even a second causes him to lose his mind

My boyfriend and I disagree on how many sets of blinds we've gone through in the past year. I say this is the third, he says it's the fourth. Regardless, it's clear that when Pug is in the midst of a rage blackout, he is bent on destruction.

Enter the kennel. Yes, it's pink. Pink was on sale. Do not judge me.

Pug must be contained any time we wish to leave the house, even if it's just for a moment. Pug, does not enjoy this. In the kennel, we get to experience another variation of Pug rage: the pug scream.

If you're not familiar with a pug scream, there is really no way to accurately describe it. I can only assume that pug's vocal chords are more developed than other breeds of dogs. When they voice their displeasure the sound is something akin to an alien creature being brutally murdered.

Think I'm exaggerating? I leave you with this.

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